Visitor Profile-By Position

Entrepreneur     General Manager/Senior Manager    Procurement    Equipment&Technology  Marketing & Sales     R&D    Engineer     Production Factory      Administration Consultant    Government   Others

Visitor Profile-By Industry

Aviation / Aerospace&National Defense    Automobile / Auto Parts   Architecture / Constrution Machinery  Engineering Consulting&Contractor    Mould & Casting    Power Engineering /Electronics   Medical Machinery

New Energy   Rail Transit    Drive, Bearing    General Machinery    Government / Education    Information Industry & Telecom    Repair & Maintenence  Metal Components & Parts
Metal Testing& Experiment    Mineral Processing    Petroleum & Petrochemistry   Panel Beating   Media 

Ten Visitor Group 

Key visitor groups are invited by the organizer from the following industries:
War Industry      Aviation/Aerospace   Shipbuilding    Railway   Power    Communication    Metallurgy    Ocean Engineering   Textile   Printing