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Gathering general market/product information
Exhibition evaluating for future participation
Seeking for new suppliers
Meeting existing suppliers/buyers
Identifying new agents/joint venture partners
Source for new products/technology
Attending conferences/seminars
Observing competitors
Others(please specify)
Metal Cutting Machine Tool
Metal Forming Machinery
Special Processing Machine Tool and Specific Equipments
Manufacturing Unit System and Automation Equipments
Electrical System
Robotics Application
Intelligent Manufacturing, Smart Factory, Intelligent Workshop
Other Machine Tool Parts, Functional Components and Auxiliary Equipments
Testing and Measuring Equipments
Design, Manufacturing, Management and Servie Software
Industrial Pro-environmental Equipments
Tools, Clamping Apparatus, Other Related Equipments
Machine Tool Accessories
Machine Tool Electrical Apparatus
Abrasive Materials
Information, Consulting and Service
Others(Please specify)